“FSR is an opportunity to offer our fans different avenues of excitement”


Edge Esports have been confirmed as participants in the 2018 Formula SimRacing World Championship with Jim Parisis and Giorgos ‘George’ Manousakis taking the primary seats. The team has taken this exciting opportunity to join one of the most well known and respected simracing leagues to extend our growth into wider markets. George and Jim will be supported by race engineer and old friend Bill Tzortzis, while Technical Director Daniel Cziranku will take the lead in coaching, setup development and strategy.


Andreas Wauters, Edge Esports Owner

“FSR is one of the biggest leagues out there. It’s an amazing opportunity for us to extend our operations to something new and offer our fans different avenues of excitement. Although we are entering the unknown, our target is to get up to speed fast and efficiently.”



Jim Parisis – #12

“I wanted to join Edge because of two primary factors; professionalism and dedication. I have only spent 2-3 weeks with the team but yet they seem to have everything a simracer would ever want to go to the next level of simracing.

“I remember back in the days of F1 2002 on PC playing with a controller. That, I assume, was the first game someone could call “a sim”. Before that I owned all the F1 titles on the PlayStation and the PlayStation 2. I’ve taken some titles here and there in both national and international leagues but the best is yet to come as the simracing scene grows. I want to be there.

“The man to beat in every championship is the current champion, in this case, it is Muhammed Patel.”


Giorgos Manousakis – #93

“Joining the team I felt comfortable from the very first minute and that is very important to me. The way they think about the future and the very high goals the team have? That convinced me to join.

“I started with PlayStation 1 gaming many, many years ago with games like Gran Turismo but the first cexperience I had with simracing was in 2009 with rFactor. The achievement I’m most proud of, so far, is when I won a national championship against Jim.

“I think that it is too soon to label a competitor the strongest because I believe a lot of drivers are ‘sandbagging’. From what I can see so far, the man in form is Jernej Simoncic. Of course the champion Muhammed Patel should also NOT be underestimated.”


Bill Tzortis, Edge FSR Race Engineer

“Open communication and trying to improve every little detail is the best that we can do whether this be our first or fiftieth season. In real life, always working makes you stronger and faster. I think that this mentality applies to simracing also.

“I think the teams in the championship are strong. According to the test races so far Musto and ACR are top tier teams but I feel that we are not so far behind. Work, practice and some good luck are the keys for us to be high in the championship and to make their lives difficult.”


Daniel Cziranku, Edge Esports Technical Director

“FSR is one of the strongest leagues out there. Of course you can expect top performance from high profile teams like ACR Zakspeed but we have to be wary of the rest of the pack. We try to examine the car to the very last screw and bolt; using the preseason events as a testing ground for our experiments.

“Both of our drivers are hard working professionals who can always provide accurate and detailed feedback on the changes we make. This makes things much easier for Bill and myself. Their driving skills alone will surely mean problems to our competitors and we are hopeful we can provide the perfect chassis to allow them to extract every tenth of a second from the challenges we are about to face.”


The FSR squad will enter competitive action for the first time in Melbourne on March 25th.