“We may be a new name…but we are fighters”

Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit, March 25th

Edge Esports’ debut in Formula SimRacing’s World Championship proved to be a mixed bag. The team notched up its first points and retirement of the season.

After an underwhelming qualifying session, Jim and George would start the race P9 and P19 respectively. Both Greeks were quick out of the traps however. Some extremely opportunistic driving saw Parisis pick up three places by the end of Lap 1. Manousakis went up a place though trouble with cars around him saw a demotion back to 21st.

By the end of Lap 9 all was going smoothly. George managed to slice his way up through the field to 14th and Jim could comfortably follow Martin Gosbee in 6th. Disaster would strike the multiple race winner however. A gearbox failure for the British driver on the main straight saw the Greek caught out completely by surprise. With Gosbee’s car totalled, Jim attempted to make it back to the pits but the damage was too severe. He was forced to retire.

This left George as the sole Edge in the race, the first time the team has faced such a situation this year. As the first pitstop phase started he pulled yet another overtake into Brabham on Gianfranco Giglioli. Another position would be gained through drama at pit exit as Marco Conti and Petar Brljak got tangled up. This free place would be lost just a couple of laps later with Manuel Biancolilla making a successful pass.

George’s aggressive recovery plan was revealed with an ambitious four-stop strategy seeing him utilise three sets of Ultrasoft tyres. By the second set he was in 11th and come his final stint the risk had paid off; Manousakis had made it to the points. A final move of the race came against Eros Masciulli three laps from the end. With Brljak ahead too quick an eventful evening ended with a very satisfying 9th


Started – 9th
Finished – Retired
Fastest Lap – 1:26.282
Pitstops – None

“Our qualifying pace was expected actually. We worked much more on our race setup for today. Unfortunately I was not able to show any of that. When I was going for the overtake on Gosbee, he seemed to just stop and swerve in the middle of the straight.

“There was nothing I could do and the car was completely broken. I had no choice but to retire.

“I’m not too bothered about how other teams did. I don’t really feel the need to comment about their pace in either qualifying or the race. All that matters to me is how I do and how my teammate does. George came 9th after starting 19th and deserves a lot of praise for that. Great drive.”


Started – 19th
Finished – 9th
Fastest Lap – 1:23.427
Pitstops – One: Lap 14 [Super/Ultra], Two: Lap 25 [Ultra/Ultra], Three: Lap 36 [Ultra/Ultra], Four: Lap 47 [Ultra/Ultra]

“My performance was very pleasing. It was very difficult to come back from P22 after my first lap incident. Especially as I had a damaged car and a steering wheel bent to the left for the whole race. If you add onto this a flat spotted tire for the first 15 laps? It was hell.

“My practice paid off though. I was able to pass everyone I had in front of me at the first opportunity. It was incredibly encouraging to have such a good car at the first race.

“I need more work on the qualifying setup but I am sure that with the help of my team I will have better result in Bahrain.”


BILL TZORTIS, Edge FSR Race Engineer

“It was a real shame to see Jim out so early, he definitely had the potential for a podium. George’s race pace proved as much; there are some very encouraging signs.

“I fully believe that Edge can fight for points in every race. If all the pieces fall into place there is no doubt that we could challenge for the podium in some events.

“The three of us have known each other and worked together for about ten years. It is very easy for us to translate feedback and advice into a good setup for race day. We may be a new name at FSR but we are fighters. That characteristic will only lead us to great results in the future, perhaps even wins.”