Eyes Forward – Brazilian Grand Prix

Eyes Forward – Brazilian Grand Prix

Autódromo José Carlos Pace… Interlagos…
When drivers hear this name they know that not only is the season coming to a close, but that they are about to drive out of the garage onto one of the most prestigious circuits on not only the GPVWC Superleague calendar but the Formula One calendar as well.

Named after Brazilian F1 driver, Carlos Pace. The 4.309 kilometres (2.677 miles) boasts some of the best action the fans will get to see throughout the season. Much like the Circuit of the Americas before, we are greeted by a mix of sweeping corners and tight, technical and tyre destroying sections mainly inside the second sector.

Whilst the Suzuka circuit boasts being the home of title winning races for the greatest drivers. Interlagos boasts being the home of, in most people’s eyes, the single greatest Formula One driver of all time.

Welcome to the Eyes Forward for the penultimate round of the 2018 Grand Prix Virtual World Championship Superleague season. One in which, once again, could mean the title is wrapped up a round early by Alex Siebel.

A Quick Round Up:
Last time out at the Cirtuit of the Americas we witnessed exhilaration and heartbreak alongside an Edge Esports first.
Qualifying 1st and 2nd on the grid locking out the front row for the first time in the team’s history after two outstanding laps put Brljak on the pole with Teien alongside.

An amazing qualifying was then followed by an amazing show of pace in the early phase of the race with Brljak slowly pulling away from Teien of whom was acting rear gunner for the Croatian fending off title leader Alex Siebel.
Throughout the rest of the race is was Brljak’s day. No drop in pace and a fresh engine allowing him to max his potential and keep the gap to Siebel and take the victory by a dominant 13.6 seconds.
For Teien however. The luck just was not there for the Norwegian. Coming into the race with a dying power unit his pace was already off what Siebel and Brljak could do on race pace but to add insult to injury only ten laps from the chequered flag his engine gave out into Turn 16 and ended the team’s hopes of scoring a double podium and closing the gap in the constructors to ACR Zakspeed of whom finished P2 and P7 after a shocking race for Kappet.

The title fight – The Drivers Title:
After Brljak’s, dominant, victory at the US Grand Prix it means that the gap between himself and Siebel drops by another 5 points coming into the penultimate round. What this means is that the title implications change although they are extremely less in favor of the Edge driver.

If Siebel finishes ahead of Brljak it is game over in the title fight. So for Brljak to remain inside the title fight:

Brljak Wins – Siebel P5 or lower.
Brljak 2nd – Siebel P8 or lower.
Brljak 3rd – Siebel P12 or lower.
Brljak 4th – Siebel P15 or lower.

Brljak has his work cut out for him if he wants to win this year’s title but he is more than capable of finishing ahead of Siebel. For this round luck will need to be fully on his side if he wants to have a shot going into the final round at Abu Dhabi.

The title fight – The Constructors Title:
In the constructors standings things just got harder. After Teien’s retirement with ten laps to go it meant that ACR Zakspeed claimed four points over the Edge Esports squad coming into Brazil. To remain in the Constructors Title fight, Teien and Brljak will need to amass a total of three points over the ACR Zakspeed squad on Thursday to be within the 45 points limit coming into Abu Dhabi. So not only is the pressure on in the Drivers Championship but it is very much on in the Constructors Championship.


As we look ahead to Thursday and the 71 laps and 305.939 Kilometres (190.076 Miles) that confront the grid of 14 teams and 28 cars, we can be certain that the 2018 GPVWC Superleague Brazilian Grand Prix will be one for the history books. 18 years and 16 different winners alongside a certainty of a new winner at this racetrack gives us some incredible racing to look forward to. Will you be there to watch history?

Join us on Thursday the 25th of October on the GPVWC YouTube channel LIVE at 20:30 CEST for what will be another unmissable event!

Eyes Forward – United States Grand Prix

Eyes Forward – United States Grand Prix

With the GPVWC Superleague United States Grand Prix being only hours away. We take a look at what lies ahead for the dynamic duo of Jarl Teien and Petar Brljak this time around.

The Basics
The Circuit of the Americas is one of the newer additions to the Superleague calendar, having only made its debut in the 2014 season and seeing three seperate winners over the four races the track has held in GPVWC’s top tier series (Alex Cooper 2014 + 2015 , Florian Geier 2016, Rudy van Buren 2017).

The 5.513 km (3.426 mi) anti-clockwise circuit lays inside the heart of Texas and features a mix of tight, traction vital corners alongside sets of flowing sweepers that put the aerodynamic and mechanical grip through its paces. With the circuit being one to push engines to breaking point, you can expect to see teams bringing fresher engines to this round of the championship to avoid the risk of an engine failure midway through the event.

The Championship
Coming into tonight’s round of the 2018 campaign we saw a shake up of the Drivers Championship after Petar Brljak took the victory alongside Alex Siebel recieving a 20 second post-race time penalty after finishing second place of which dropped him down to sixth after the results became official. So what does this mean for us here at Edge Esports? Below is the current championship and the implications as we head into the final three rounds of the year.

Alex Siebel (GER) – ACR Zakspeed – 242 Points
Petar Brljak (CRO) – Edge Esports – 200 Points (-42)
Risto Kappet (EST) – ACR Zakspeed – 195 Points (-47)
Jarl Teien (NOR) – Edge Esports – 177 Points (-65)

As much as the title fight will go onto the final two rounds of the championship. Brljak, of whom has jumped both Teien and Kappet to now be sat second in the championship, has his work cut out if he wants to have any realistic shot of winning this year’s title with Siebel being very much in the drivers seat.

In the Constructors Championship it very much is all to play for.

ACR Zakspeed – 437 Points
Edge Esports – 393 Points (-44)

With the gap only being 44 points and the maximum points haul being 135 points the title fight, so long as each team consistently finishes at the top, will go to Abu Dhabi. This we will cover in a later Eyes Forward.

Championship Implications – The Drivers
With there being only three rounds left of the 2018 season, the maximum points haul is now lowered to 75. This would mean that the requirements for Siebel to take the title at this round are as follows:

Siebel Wins – Brljak 3rd or lower.
Siebel 2nd – Brljak 5th or lower.
Siebel 3rd – Brljak 8th or lower.
Siebel 4th – Brljak 11th or lower.
Siebel 5th – Brljak 13th or lower.
Siebel 6th – Brljak 14th or lower.
Siebel 7th – Brljak 15th or lower
Siebel 8th or lower – Title goes to Brazil.

With 56 laps of racing ahead of us there is an extremely large cloud of tension in the air as the teams and drivers make their final preparations.
Join us tonight for what could be the deciding race in the championship LIVE on the GPVWC Youtube channel from 8:30pm CEST.

Mo Patel to drive for Edge Esports in Singapore Grand Prix

Mo Patel to drive for Edge Esports in Singapore Grand Prix

FSR World Champion Mo Patel will make his Superleague debut next Thursday in the Singapore Grand Prix. The Britton, who already had previous experiences with the team in ITC and as Superleague race engineer will partner Petar Brljak for this race, replacing Jarl Teien who can’t race due to a trip to the ADAC simracing expo at hockenheim.

Teamboss Andreas Wauters is happy to substitute quality with quality:
“Ofcourse it’s always difficult when one of your drivers can’t attend a race, especially during the crucial championship fight we are currently having with ACR. However i’m convinced that if anyone on this planet is the right man to jump in as a replacement driver at Singapore, it’s Mo! I know he has the speed, the consistency and the racecraft to score good points to continue our titlehunt on ACR.”

Patel is looking forward to the race:
“After getting over the excitement for my debut race in Superleague, I know I have quite a lot of hard work to do. It’s a great opportunity to race for Edge, but it will be a tough task replacing Jarl, who’s done an excellent job this season. It’s probably the toughest track to get used to a new car, especially when qualifying will be so key. Nonetheless, typically Petar and I have good fortunes under the lights, hopefully we maintain this to get good points for the team!”

Make sure to check out the race live next Thursday!


SIMTAG Backs Edge In Landmark Partnership

SIMTAG Backs Edge In Landmark Partnership

Edge Esports is delighted to reveal an exciting, new partnership with professional simulator and simracing accessories developer, SIMTAG.

All professional drivers will be given access to the company’s infrastructure including exclusive usage of prototype rigs. This works two ways as the drivers can give critical feedback to the development team whilst also receiving high quality race training. The deal also sees new media opportunities open up for both parties.

SIMTAG will become a prominent feature on both our Formula SimRacing and WTF1 Superleague vehicles from their respective next rounds. Any future car capable of receiving a custom livery will also see a large influence from the Belgian-based, Hungarian team. A number of Edge personnel including 2018 two-time WTF1 Superleague race winner Jarl ‘AroX’ Teien will travel to SIMTAG HQ for their first official session next week.

JAMES KIRK, Edge Esports Marketing Director

“This announcement has been a long time coming so it is a huge boost for the team to finally unveil our partnership to the eRacing world. We didn’t just want to work together with any simulator developer, rather one that understood what we were about. That means a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties driving towards continual progress.

“The career of Norbert Michelisz (SIMTAG co-founder) was a wonderful ice breaker. The company’s HQ location in the heart of Spa-Francorchamps stole our hearts. The drivers are excited for more simulator time. Everything fell into place wonderfully.

“We also hope to develop innovative, consumable media together to showcase just how powerful our combined efforts can be. The possibilities are very exciting indeed.”

JÁNOS ZSINOR, SIMTAG Sales and Events Manager

“We would like to be the connection between virtual and real racing so for us it was very important to find a partner who had a similar focus on targets as we do. After research and conversations with Edge we decided that we had to step forward together. Both brands could be strong alone but we could be stronger as one.

“Our belief is that we’ll be the weapon that gives Edge the advantage against other teams both online and offline. We are not of the internet generation though we are well aware of what they want to see. To grow on social media we need these young faces of esports to find success. High quality videos on a regular basis will demonstrate our cooperation to both sets of audiences.”

It’s a 1-2 for Edge Esports in Germany!

It’s a 1-2 for Edge Esports in Germany!

“Even with a car that is off pace, we can still achieve incredible results”

Hockenheimring, July 5th

For the first time in the team’s history as either Edge Esports or Wauters Automotive, a 1-2 was secured in a Superleague Grand Prix. The Hockenheimring proved to be a day of everything falling into place with Jarl Teien picking up his second win of the season.

With, arguably, one of the weakest cars on the grid our boys did exceptionally well in Qualifying. Jarl secured a front row slot alongside pole sitter Alex Siebel whilst Petar Brljak slotted in on the third row. Sadly for the Croatian his luck at starts remained abysmal as he was caught in a first corner melee along with Geoffrey Fournier and Dennis Jordan.

Whilst his team mate was putting together the pieces of an outstanding recovery drive, Jarl was focusing on keeping the gap down to Siebel ahead. Disaster struck for the German however when he suffered a disconnect promoting the #30 into first place. From here, the Norwegian would continue to control the race masterfully with an aggressive tyre strategy which saw him shock the field with a four-stopper.

All the way from 15th, Petar fought his way back up the order both on track and in the pit lane. By the final phase of the race he was 4th with a fresh set of Ultrasoft rubber. He dismissed the hugely impressive Rait Kilk before taking his time but ultimately winning out against Borja Millan to steal 2nd. No better result has been achieved by the team in its Superleague history. The gap to the top of the Constructors’ championship was slashed by over thirty points.


Started – 2nd
Finished – 1st
Fastest Lap – 1:13.416
Pitstops – One: Lap 13 [Ultra/Ultra], Two: Lap 25 [Ultra/Super], Three: Lap 42 [Super/Ultra], Four: Four: Lap 54 [Ultra/Ultra]

Going into this race I expected to fight for a top five position at max. My sights were set higher after Qualifying those as I nailed my lap being only a tenth off Alex. Starting that high up on the grid helps with strategy options and I think I had a pretty aggressive strategy compared to other people.

“I feel like the four-stop was slower than a three-stop but I made it work anyway. Petar had bad luck on the opening lap but still managed 2nd. I believe had he avoided that he would have won by around 15 seconds over me.

“Lots of upgrades to the next race so that gap to ACR will close hopefully. It will be a hard fight going all the way to the end of the season!”


Started – 5th
Finished – 2nd
Fastest Lap – 1:12.965
Pitstops – One: Lap 13 (Ultra/Super), Two: Lap 32 (Super/Super), Three: Lap 51 (Super/Ultra)

“Qualifying went quite nicely as myself and Jarl both managed to do good laps. Unfortunately I was just a passenger in the T1 incident and dropped loads of positions. Luckily the car was still alright to drive and my pace looked really good compared to those around me.

“We had to convert to a three-stop as that meant I could both avoid and jump people through the pitstop phases. I was picking people off a bit easier than expected thanks to being strong into T2. Towards the end I saw I had a chance of 2nd and decided to gamble on the Ultrasofts for the last stint which worked out very well in the end.

“Congrats to Jarl for the win and it’s great to see we’ve fully capitalised on this opportunity for our first 1-2 finish! The last things missing are a few upgrades to close that gap to the best cars. Hungary is one of my favourite tracks so I’m looking forward to that one!”

ANDREAS WAUTERS, Edge Esports and Quasar Manager

“Today we scored our first 1-2 finish ever in the WTF1 Superleague. It’s a super happy moment and it shows that even with a car that is off pace, we can still achieve incredible results. It’s still a bit of a surprise to me that the result was this good since the preparation for Germany was difficult.

“I feel that we were a bit lucky to the other top teams struggling. With the upcoming summer break we hope that we can bring some more upgrades to the boys. Hopefully they will close up the gap with ACR and a title hunt will be back on!”