Edge Secure Manatee Merchandising Partnership

Edge Secure Manatee Merchandising Partnership

Edge Esports is pleased to announce a brand new merchandising partnership with popular, custom esports apparel supplier, Manatee. The agreement allows supporters at home to purchase their very own Edge Esports jersey whilst the organisation itself is supplied for LAN events.

Manatee.gg will be proudly displayed on both our Formula SimRacing and WTF1 Superleague vehicles. Any future car capable of receiving a custom livery will also feature the logo. Andreas Wauters, Edge Esports Manager, stated “I’m thrilled to work together with a merchandising company of Belgian origin. They offer great service and designs at an affordable price!”

The first set of jerseys were seen in action at the Esports World Touring Car Cup launch event back in May at the Ring°Arena. Now you can order your own with the option to fully customise your name and gamertag! We’re delighted to open up orders with a 10% discount and free worldwide shipping. Type the code “EDGE” into the discount bar during checkout and await the sportswear which will help connect you to the sharp end of simracing!


JAMES KIRK, Edge Esports Marketing Director

“Manatee are the perfect company to help bring Edge Esports products to our followers. In early talks there was an instant kinship with both our brands finding their beginnings in Belgium. This developed into a great understanding and there was never any question of how positive it would be to work together.

“The outstanding quality of both kit design and shirt comfort hugely impressed us. The trial jerseys proved to be a roaring success across the board! From there it was only a matter of time before the partnership was confirmed.

“Future developments and projects are something I think we are all eagerly awaiting. The next steps will be sure to include our fan base! We want to discover what apparel is desired within the realm of eRacing.”


“Up to this point we had not partnered with an eRacing team. This is, for us, a good opportunity with a respected team to bring our name to this niche esport. I feel both organisations want to do what every company with a bit ambition wants; become the best in your field. From what I have experienced in working with Edge Esports so far, they will no doubt reach their goals.

“The jerseys came out great! When creating this concept we were thinking about team recognition somewhere outside of the actual game. The goal is that people recognise the car because they saw a driver with the same design or vice versa. I think we pretty much achieved that job.”

2018 FSR French Grand Prix – Race Report

2018 FSR French Grand Prix – Race Report

“Our unit has proven their commitment and dedication”

Circuit Paul Ricard, April 22nd

Edge Esports scored once again in the World Championship as Jim Parisis picked up an 8th place. The feeling in the garage was that it could have been ever better without problems for both drivers. 

Following an extremely tight Qualifying session the opening stages looked promising for George who gained a few positions off the start. Jim suffered though picking up damage in contact with Eros Masciulli and dropping down to 9th. The #93, however, would soon receive a bad omen for later in the race when gear shifts began to go astray. For the first stint it was ruled ‘not terminal’.

As the race continued on the problem got worse with George having to slow the car significantly to reboot hardware. This, sadly, destroyed his chances of points and forced him into a fight just outside of the top ten. Jim’s suspension damage proved costly as well hampering his exits out of corners and therefore his straightline speed. Compounding misery was the effect on tyre wear, his temperatures going well above normal as he struggled on track.

Though both did well to survive the majority of the race, George decided to pull in on Lap 51 after a third complete failure of the gearbox. Ultimately it wasn’t worth risking a crash with three laps to go. Jim did manage to make it home thankfully and in 8th, notching up a second consecutive points score for us!

Edge are now 6th in the Teams’ standings, three points outside the top five.


Started – 7th
Finished – 8th
Fastest Lap – 1:29.772
Pitstops – One: Lap 13 [Super/Super], Two: Lap 25 [Super/Super], Three: Lap 38 [Super/Soft]

“Despite observations that I was lacking on the straights we actually had the highest top speed on the grid. Suspension damage on Lap 1 cost me a lot coming out of corners and really ate through the tyres as well.

“This is why I lost so much time to the guys in front and struggled to keep my position to the guys behind me. There was a lot of action in my race which I’m sure the stewards will take a look at. Let’s see what the final results will be.

“If we work the right way we can improve some more so I will just keep pushing”


Started – 16th
Finished – Retired [Classified 16th]
Fastest Lap – 1:30.324
Pitstops – One: Lap 12 [Super/Super], Two: Lap 24 [Super/Super], Three: Lap 36 [Super/Soft]

“I had massive problems with my gear shifting hardware. It was randomly disconnecting from the PC making me loose the ability to both upshift and downshift. Sometimes it was instant and only lasted a split second. This wasn’t too bad as it only lost me a small fraction of time.

Three times during the Grand Prix there was a complete disconnect though. I had to pull out the USB plug and put it back again in order to restore my gears. Of course this meant slowing down massively to not be a danger on track. I feel we lost a lot of points today.

“I still think we were a bit behind on race pace. We gained plenty of good information for the future thankfully.”

DANIEL CZIRANKU, Edge Esports Technical Director

“We were all previously fans of the league, watching the live streams when we had the chance, so the strength of the field didn’t come as a surprise to us at all. Some of the best simracers in rFactor 2 are here but we never shy away from challenges like this.

“Expecting to win in our very first season would be a little naive but our unit has proven their commitment and dedication throughout these first three rounds. The preparation has been excellent but we’ve just lacked that bit of luck.

“We plan to continue with this drive and hopefully, step by step, we’ll reach our ambitious goals.”

2018 FSR Bahrain Grand Prix – Race Report

2018 FSR Bahrain Grand Prix – Race Report

“I feel that there is a lot of respect towards us”

Bahrain International Circuit, April 8th

A reversal of fortunes for both Edge drivers as the desert of Sakhir bore witness to just how fast Parisis can be and the dangers of the World Championship’s midfield scrap. 

With George at the back of the grid with a penalty from Melbourne, it was solely down to Jim to show what the car was capable of. And did he perform. P3 behind Jernej Simončič and Michele D’Alessandro was hugely impressive. It proved more than ever that Parisis was well and truly back. Early stages of the race looked promising as well. Though Jim suffered a poor getaway falling behind Muhammed Patel, George had ease in slicing his way up through the pack.

Unfortunately, the second half of the Greeks’ first stints became rather more troublesome. Jim went into a fuel saving mode on the engine but this proved to be a misjudgement and he fell back from the lead pack into the battle for sixth. George on the other hand had begun to struggle on his tyres. He had been pushing hard for the opening eight making his way up to 13th. After contact with Sander Kallas who made his way through again, the most lethal overtaker of Melbourne was hit off circuit through Turn 2. Gianfranco Giglioli was a bit too eager after failing to pass on the straight.

This left George with both suspension and aero damage. Misery was compounded by a pitlane stop-go penalty and the choice was made to retire the car. Jim, thankfully, didn’t have as big a recovery job on his hands as his teammate did two weeks ago. He battled away with Michi Hoyer for the majority of the race in what was a tense battle.

The multiple World Championship race winner came through in the end. Hoyer fell back with a long pitstop and eight points were added to the Edge’s total.

UPDATE: A further two points have been added to our total as Jim was promoted to 5th following the disqualification of Manuel Biancolilla.


Started – 3rd
Finished – 6th [Classified 5th]
Fastest Lap – 1:30.258
Pitstops – One: Lap 15 [Super/Soft], Two: Lap 31 [Soft/Super], Three: Lap 43 [Super/Soft]

“Qualifying went quite well as we achieved P3. The car had a good balance there and we want to keep that for the next races. My start of the race was poor. Patel was alongside with a very good start, but after T2 I was able to keep my position.

“Our plan was to save fuel in the first part of the race but it didn’t really work out. Having more effective fuel management and a better strategy would have brought us into a much better position. Fighting for the win I think.

“This is what we have to work on for France.”


Started – 24th
Finished – Retired
Fastest Lap – 1:32.669
Pitstops – One: Lap 12 [Super/Retirement]

“The car was feeling fine and I had a great opening stint. As for the incident, Gianfranco attempted to pass me down the straight and failed. I went for the switch leaving him space for T2 but he hit me off track.

“My wheel kept crabbing to the left through suspension damage but more important was damage to the aero. This made me loose too much speed on the straights. I came in for an early stop, changing strategy to the Medium tyres, but I was so furious.

“I went too fast into the pit lane and rules are rules, I was given a stop-go penalty. After that it was more worth retiring the car than trying to continue.”

BILL TZORTIS, Edge FSR Race Engineer

“That was a tough race, it was all ups and downs again. This time Jimmy was in the points and George retired.  However, we improved our qualifying pace without loosing so much in the race.

“It’s good that we are in the points again. Although we are only two races into our season I feel that there is a lot of respect towards us. There is still some missing potential from the car so the team is really happy that we are near pace.

“Paul Ricard is a new track on the FSR calendar. I think it will be very close for all teams. I hope that we will be on form to take as much as we can from that race.”

2018 FSR Australian Grand Prix – Race Report

2018 FSR Australian Grand Prix – Race Report

“We may be a new name…but we are fighters”

Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit, March 25th

Edge Esports’ debut in Formula SimRacing’s World Championship proved to be a mixed bag. The team notched up its first points and retirement of the season.

After an underwhelming qualifying session, Jim and George would start the race P9 and P19 respectively. Both Greeks were quick out of the traps however. Some extremely opportunistic driving saw Parisis pick up three places by the end of Lap 1. Manousakis went up a place though trouble with cars around him saw a demotion back to 21st.

By the end of Lap 9 all was going smoothly. George managed to slice his way up through the field to 14th and Jim could comfortably follow Martin Gosbee in 6th. Disaster would strike the multiple race winner however. A gearbox failure for the British driver on the main straight saw the Greek caught out completely by surprise. With Gosbee’s car totalled, Jim attempted to make it back to the pits but the damage was too severe. He was forced to retire.

This left George as the sole Edge in the race, the first time the team has faced such a situation this year. As the first pitstop phase started he pulled yet another overtake into Brabham on Gianfranco Giglioli. Another position would be gained through drama at pit exit as Marco Conti and Petar Brljak got tangled up. This free place would be lost just a couple of laps later with Manuel Biancolilla making a successful pass.

George’s aggressive recovery plan was revealed with an ambitious four-stop strategy seeing him utilise three sets of Ultrasoft tyres. By the second set he was in 11th and come his final stint the risk had paid off; Manousakis had made it to the points. A final move of the race came against Eros Masciulli three laps from the end. With Brljak ahead too quick an eventful evening ended with a very satisfying 9th


Started – 9th
Finished – Retired
Fastest Lap – 1:26.282
Pitstops – None

“Our qualifying pace was expected actually. We worked much more on our race setup for today. Unfortunately I was not able to show any of that. When I was going for the overtake on Gosbee, he seemed to just stop and swerve in the middle of the straight.

“There was nothing I could do and the car was completely broken. I had no choice but to retire.

“I’m not too bothered about how other teams did. I don’t really feel the need to comment about their pace in either qualifying or the race. All that matters to me is how I do and how my teammate does. George came 9th after starting 19th and deserves a lot of praise for that. Great drive.”


Started – 19th
Finished – 9th
Fastest Lap – 1:23.427
Pitstops – One: Lap 14 [Super/Ultra], Two: Lap 25 [Ultra/Ultra], Three: Lap 36 [Ultra/Ultra], Four: Lap 47 [Ultra/Ultra]

“My performance was very pleasing. It was very difficult to come back from P22 after my first lap incident. Especially as I had a damaged car and a steering wheel bent to the left for the whole race. If you add onto this a flat spotted tire for the first 15 laps? It was hell.

“My practice paid off though. I was able to pass everyone I had in front of me at the first opportunity. It was incredibly encouraging to have such a good car at the first race.

“I need more work on the qualifying setup but I am sure that with the help of my team I will have better result in Bahrain.”


BILL TZORTIS, Edge FSR Race Engineer

“It was a real shame to see Jim out so early, he definitely had the potential for a podium. George’s race pace proved as much; there are some very encouraging signs.

“I fully believe that Edge can fight for points in every race. If all the pieces fall into place there is no doubt that we could challenge for the podium in some events.

“The three of us have known each other and worked together for about ten years. It is very easy for us to translate feedback and advice into a good setup for race day. We may be a new name at FSR but we are fighters. That characteristic will only lead us to great results in the future, perhaps even wins.”

Edge Unveils First FSR World Championship Car: The EE02-WCQ

Edge Unveils First FSR World Championship Car: The EE02-WCQ



Today, Edge is proud to reveal its 2018 Formula SimRacing World Championship contender – our debut car in the series.

The EE02-WCQ, to be driven by Greek duo Jim Parisis and George Manousakis, is adorned with the new, dark blue livery accented by rich gold and white. Jim is a multiple-time race winner in the World Championship and returns to the series following a year-long sabbatical. It will be a fourth season in the top flight for George after his 2017 season ended only five rounds in.

The lineup is a healthy mix of pace, experience and a desire for continual improvement. We believe these two men are the ideal pilots to box our corner in such a highly competitive league.

The EE02-WCQ’s first race week appearance will come at Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit; much like its GPVWC sister car. The Australian GP begins on March 25th.



Andreas Wauters, Edge Esports Manager

“We are happy to launch our EE02-WCQ contender for the FSR World championship today. Joining FSR means exploring new ground for us. That said I am convinced we have the right people to make this new venture a success.

“Jim and George are showing the right work ethic and good pace. Podiums and wins are our clear targets in the series. Figuring out the ins and outs of the championship will take time however.”

Edge To Compete in 2018 FSR World Championship with Jim Parisis and Giorgos Manousakis

Edge To Compete in 2018 FSR World Championship with Jim Parisis and Giorgos Manousakis

“FSR is an opportunity to offer our fans different avenues of excitement”


Edge Esports have been confirmed as participants in the 2018 Formula SimRacing World Championship with Jim Parisis and Giorgos ‘George’ Manousakis taking the primary seats. The team has taken this exciting opportunity to join one of the most well known and respected simracing leagues to extend our growth into wider markets. George and Jim will be supported by race engineer and old friend Bill Tzortzis, while Technical Director Daniel Cziranku will take the lead in coaching, setup development and strategy.


Andreas Wauters, Edge Esports Owner

“FSR is one of the biggest leagues out there. It’s an amazing opportunity for us to extend our operations to something new and offer our fans different avenues of excitement. Although we are entering the unknown, our target is to get up to speed fast and efficiently.”



Jim Parisis – #12

“I wanted to join Edge because of two primary factors; professionalism and dedication. I have only spent 2-3 weeks with the team but yet they seem to have everything a simracer would ever want to go to the next level of simracing.

“I remember back in the days of F1 2002 on PC playing with a controller. That, I assume, was the first game someone could call “a sim”. Before that I owned all the F1 titles on the PlayStation and the PlayStation 2. I’ve taken some titles here and there in both national and international leagues but the best is yet to come as the simracing scene grows. I want to be there.

“The man to beat in every championship is the current champion, in this case, it is Muhammed Patel.”


Giorgos Manousakis – #93

“Joining the team I felt comfortable from the very first minute and that is very important to me. The way they think about the future and the very high goals the team have? That convinced me to join.

“I started with PlayStation 1 gaming many, many years ago with games like Gran Turismo but the first cexperience I had with simracing was in 2009 with rFactor. The achievement I’m most proud of, so far, is when I won a national championship against Jim.

“I think that it is too soon to label a competitor the strongest because I believe a lot of drivers are ‘sandbagging’. From what I can see so far, the man in form is Jernej Simoncic. Of course the champion Muhammed Patel should also NOT be underestimated.”


Bill Tzortis, Edge FSR Race Engineer

“Open communication and trying to improve every little detail is the best that we can do whether this be our first or fiftieth season. In real life, always working makes you stronger and faster. I think that this mentality applies to simracing also.

“I think the teams in the championship are strong. According to the test races so far Musto and ACR are top tier teams but I feel that we are not so far behind. Work, practice and some good luck are the keys for us to be high in the championship and to make their lives difficult.”


Daniel Cziranku, Edge Esports Technical Director

“FSR is one of the strongest leagues out there. Of course you can expect top performance from high profile teams like ACR Zakspeed but we have to be wary of the rest of the pack. We try to examine the car to the very last screw and bolt; using the preseason events as a testing ground for our experiments.

“Both of our drivers are hard working professionals who can always provide accurate and detailed feedback on the changes we make. This makes things much easier for Bill and myself. Their driving skills alone will surely mean problems to our competitors and we are hopeful we can provide the perfect chassis to allow them to extract every tenth of a second from the challenges we are about to face.”


The FSR squad will enter competitive action for the first time in Melbourne on March 25th.