Esports World Touring Car Cup Launch Event – The Compilation Video

Esports World Touring Car Cup Launch Event – The Compilation Video

Ring°Arena, 10th-12th May – Compilation Video

Edge Esports flew out to the legendary Nürburgring at the beginning of May to take part in the next major LAN event for simracing, the Esports World Touring Car Cup Live.

Check how we did in our extensive video compilation!

Check out our full, writen report here: Click!

Esports World Touring Car Cup Launch Event – The Report

Esports World Touring Car Cup Launch Event – The Report

Ring°Arena, 10th-12th May

Edge Esports flew out to the legendary Nürburgring at the beginning of May to take part in the next major LAN event for simracing, the Esports World Touring Car Cup Live. At this Launch Event for the series, there were three major elements:

  • Hotlap Pre-Qualifying for the eWTCR Launch Event itself
  • The Nürburgring Esports Team Endurance Championship
  • The eWTCR Launch Event hosted over four divisions

Team Boss Andreas Wauters was in attendance and brought with him three of our experienced, top level, touring car drivers along with a new recruit. Kevin ‘Siggy’ Rebernak (multiple podiums across the eWTCC and the MeRC), Florian Hasse (one podium in the MeRC) and Lars Brugman (GPVWC 2016 Supercup champion) banded together to face the four-hour Nordschleife race. They would then be joined by eWTCC runner-up Gergo Baldi to tackle the eWTCR.

Nürburgring Esports Team Endurance Championship (nTEC) Results

Started – 3rd
Finished – 4th
Fastest Lap – 8:05.233
Pitstops – One: 1 hour 22 minutes [Rebernak/L. Brugman], Two: 2 hour 45 minutes [L. Brugman/Hasse]

Edge entered the nTEC race with high hopes. Though our focus was mainly placed on the Esports World Touring Car Cup portion of the LAN, a strong team was fielded to compete against some of the biggest names across simracing.

Kevin ‘Siggy’ Rebernak took Qualifying and the opening stint to be followed by new recruit Lars Brugman and then Florian Hasse. With such strong opposition, sights were set on the podium. Early signs indicated that we would be in that fight as Kev put our Audi R8 in P3. Unfortunately a difficult start to the race saw us on the back foot and down to P5. 

Throughout the rest of Kev’s stint and the entirety of Lars’ we were able to pull ourselves back up to 4th. Once Florian stepped into the car our pace came alive. In the final ten minutes we were right on the back of 3rd position but a spirited defence by Lewis McGlade was able to secure the podium for ACR Zakspeed.

With our target just hundredths away at the line it was a difficult one for the drivers to take. No one could doubt the amount of effort that had been put in however. 4th at our first major LAN race was hugely impressive considering the level of competition on display.

Esports World Touring Car Cup (eWTCR) Launch Event Results

Gergo Baldi – Pre-qualifying: 1st, Zandvoort: 4th, Hungaroring: 1st, Nordschleife: 10th
Kevin ‘Siggy’ Rebernak – Pre-qualifying: 3rd, Zandvoort: 2nd, Hungaroring: 7th, Nordschleife: 2nd
Florian Hasse – Pre-qualifying: 18th, Zandvoort: 12th, Hungaroring: 6th, Nordschleife: 13th
Lars Brugman – Pre-qualifying: 21st, Zandvoort: 13th, Hungaroring: 19th, Nordschleife: 12th 

All four of Edge’s contingent managed to pre-qualify for Division 1 in the eWTCR Launch Event. eWTCC veterans Baldi and Rebernak were up at the sharp end with Hasse and Brugman managing to sneak into an ultra tight field.

For Lars it was a story of gaining experience following a year out of simracing entirely. After a solid stint in the nTEC the day before, he was able to outperform expectations by others. Finishing inside the top twenty at all tracks, we suspect that there is much more to come from the Dutchman.

It was very encouraging to see Florian bounce back from his nTEC heartbreak, something which took a lot out of him. Another driver who outperformed expectations, the German’s highlight of the evening came at the Hungaroring. He qualified P3 and came home in 6th just ahead of stablemate Kevin.

The Austro-Slovenian ultimately came away from the weekend as the most successful Edge driver on track. It was a display you’d expect from ‘Siggy’ who took two 2nd places but struggled at the Hungaroring which damaged his prospects. Nevertheless, taking 3rd on the day is no mean feet and should give him plenty of confidence when Season 1 arrives.

Which brings us to Gergo Baldi, the man who could very well have won the whole thing. It was a champion’s display from the get-go as he raised eyebrows in pre-qualifying; banking €750 to boot by topping the leaderboard. A masterful piece of driving at Zandvoort saw him take advantage of a Tim Heinemann-Jack Kiethley melee. His win at the Hungaroring mirrored his Race 2 performance at the same track in the eWTCC. Fate can be a cruel mistress however and hardware issues meant that he was just tenths away from setting a qualifying lap at the Nordschleife.

It was a testament to Gergo who labelled the following race as one of his “best ever”. Rising from the ashes, he managed to salvage 10th position by the flag. It wasn’t enough but he surely enters Season 1 of the eWTCR as one of the favourites.

ANDREAS WAUTERS, Edge Esports Manager

“Overall the eWTCR Launch event was an amazing experience for us. Our four drivers showed they were amongst the class of the field by qualifying in Division 1. Their race showings were really strong. Of course we are slightly disappointed since both Gergo and Kevin were strong enough to go for the championship. That was both of their goals as well.

“It was difficult to see Gergo’s charge shattered by technical issues. Overall we were still the most successful team in terms of Division 1. A combined points total of 269 is nothing to complain about. Kevin goes home with a nice 3rd place trophy and we will come back stronger for next year!

SRM Porsche 911 GT3 Championship: Round 3 – Race Report

SRM Porsche 911 GT3 Championship: Round 3 – Race Report

“We got some luck…and capitalised on our opponents’ mistakes”

ACI Vallelunga Circuit, March 23rd

After a month long break in the calendar, the ‘Edge’ name made its Assetto Corsa debut in style with victory and a podium in Campagnano di Roma.

Equalling our best starting positions as a team in the series, the big question was if we would be able to fight for the win. Early fears were quickly laid to rest as a determined start by the Sloveno-Austrian Kevin Siggy saw him take the lead by Turn 4 on Lap 1. Teammate Gergo Baldi made as assured a getaway but was unable to make any positions up from his starting position of 4th.

The Hungarian would arguably have the most interesting race of the two as he attempted to hunt down the slow-starting Hany Alsabti in the first phase of the race. Able to keep pace with both the Dutchman and Risto Kappet in second, Gergo would end up switching targets as the pitstop window closed. The Estonian lost out to Alsabti through an undercut strategy.

It would be a challenge of concentration and persistence thereafter as a lack of overtaking opportunities and Kappet’s consistent pace never gave Gergo a good chance to make his way onto the podium. The gap between the two never extended past five seconds however and this would prove crucial on the final lap of the race.

Kevin’s event after Lap 1 was quiet but his performance was one of the most dominating in his simracing career. His nearest challenger Alsabti never looked to trouble him on race pace despite securing the fastest lap. Though taking the headlines as Edge Esports’ first race winner since the name change and only the second different race winner of the season, it would be what usually is the most inconsequential of concerns that would gift his teammate a podium as well.

With four tenths until race time was called, Kevin crossed the line to start Lap 39. This final lap proved to be a stretch too far for the fuel tank of Kappet who spluttered towards the finish line with Gergo snatching 3rd in the most dramatic fashion. It’s the #13’s first podium of the year and Edge’s third of the season.


Started – 2nd
Finished – 1st
Fastest Lap – 1:33.826
Pitstops – One: Lap 15 [Refuel]

“I was very happy about my win since Hany is a beast in Assetto Corsa. Expected a harder race than what I got in the end. I pretty much got the perfect start which was what I needed to get P1 before T4.

“The championship is still open so fighting for first on track is one of my biggest priorities. This is alongside fixing my setup to be at Hany’s pace on a consistent basis. Our chances look slim but we will make sure we don’t slack or fade away. Gergo and I are a great duo and he is a very fast guy. That sort of competition is what I need to get my confidence up.

“Regarding Risto it’s always fun to race against him. It’s a ‘déjà vu’ moment and I’m happy we are fighting again after two years of not doing so. That’s something I like.


Started – 4th
Finished – 3rd
Fastest Lap – 1:34.268
Pitstops – One: Lap 12 [Refuel]

“Compared to my previous races it was a much more exciting round; even though I still couldn’t find the rhythm with this car. After the first lap battle with Hany I was trying to close down the two drivers in front. After a mistake in the second part of the race though I ended up nowhere. I had roughly five seconds in front of me, seven seconds behind.

“The motivation to push hard was gone but then luck went my way at the end. I passed Risto just a couple of metres before the chequered flag and so it was a 1-3 for Edge. At the moment I don’t feel that I am able to fight for wins. I won’t give up though, for sure. Even if I can’t go for the top step of the podium, I will fight with all my spirit to get the best result for the team.

“Seeing Kevin winning was a motivational boost for me. I don’t just want to do well for myself but also to support him and the rest of the team. Congrats to him! I hope to catch up in Mugello!

DANIEL CZIRANKU, Edge Esports Technical Director

“The guys have been giving their best from the moment we decided to join this championship. I honestly think we did a good job in the previous rounds regardless of the results. We got some luck this race and we capitalised on our opponent’s mistakes.

“It’s always a blessing to work with such highly skilled drivers as Kevin and Gergo. Makes my job easier as we tackle Assetto Corsa for the first time! It’s still very difficult, even if I were to just work on one project over in rFactor 2. These drivers are some of the fastest in esports though. We only need to look at the setup in order to extract maximum pace.

“Here in simracing we can sometimes afford to glaze over certain characteristics of a car if the drivers are adaptable. In this context I find it easier than the real thing.”

All action for Wauters Automotive at London and Hockenheim next week

All action for Wauters Automotive at London and Hockenheim next week

Wauters Automotive takes it up a notch, as Jarl Teien and Kevin Siggy Qualify for the Live events of F1esports and Mercedes-AG Motorsport E-racing respectively next week. The events will be held in the Gfinity arena in London and the Hockenheimring Circuit.
The Belgian outfit is very proud of the two drivers and their continuous efforts to achieve the best results, stating:
“We’ve been working with Jarl and Kevin on numerous occasions in the past, mostly within the context of GPVWC, and these experiences were always positive. In the past year, we’ve seen that their efforts have come to fruition, not in the least due to their own hard work, but also through the supportive network that we’ve set up and the cooperation with both Gergo Baldi and Daniel Cziranku.

We are extremely pleased to see we can compete at the forefront of simracing as it is today, and intent to keep up the pace. We’re already looking good for the Live event of FiaWTCC esports and are still in a nice battle for third place in the SL championship with our closest competitor Edonis Engineering, which only adds coal to our motivational fire.”

The London E-sport event is scheduled October 9th to 12th in the Gfinity E-sport Arena, with the event at the Hockenheimring going down october 13th, right before the Hockenheim DTM race weekend.

Stay Tuned!