2018 GPVWC Australian Grand Prix – Race Report

2018 GPVWC Australian Grand Prix – Race Report

“A bittersweet experience”

Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit, March 1st

The opening round of the Superleague season saw early promise turn into mixed feelings as Jarl Teien notched up his first points of the season.

After marking the debut of our brand new Quasar engine in style with a front row slot behind a hugely impressive Alex Siebel, Jarl would bog down on launch leaving him in 4th place. Contact with Tom Parker caused rear damage making the recovery task harder.

Taking advantage of Siebel’s race ending crash and Risto Kappet’s early pitstop, Jarl launched a strong attack on Liam de Waal. He made his way past the Dutchman on Lap 14 into the lead. The clear air was not enough to gain any advantage though, slotting back into fourth on exit of his first stop.

A spirited, second stint brought the Norwegian well into contention for the race win. He fought his way past Geoffrey Fournier, pulled a spectacular move on de Waal and used a compound advantage against Kappet to retake the lead at the start of Lap 31. Just two laps later misfortune struck again frustratingly as technical issues saw the lead relinquished to Kappet once more. 

On Supersofts for his final stint, Jarl made his way past de Waal for the third time. He then inherited second once more as Fournier dived in for a late pitstop. The tyres wouldn’t last the required distance however. After being demoted back down to third by de Waal, a late move on the ailing Kappet would end in contact. With Jarl taking a podium on the day, we await news from the race stewards to confirm the result.

Petar was caught up in the huge accident on the exit of Turn 2, Lap 1. Able to pit, but with floor and suspension damage for the rest of the race, the Croatian soldiered on. Unfortunately luck did not go our way and he could only recover to two places outside of the points.


Started – 2nd
Finished – 3rd
Fastest Lap – 1:24.828
Pitstops – One: Lap 17 [Ultra/Ultra], Two: Lap 33 [Ultra/Super]

“I was as prepared as needed for the first race of the season which will always be the most competitive. Starting with qualifying I was surprised by the pace from others but improved 1.1 seconds up on practice which was encouraging.

“Lap 1 contact gave me rear suspension and wing damage which changed the balance of the car; probably slowed us down 2-3 tenths a lap. I was still able to keep a decent pace yet unable to get past Liam initially. He did a good job of keeping his cool and not making any mistakes in the first stint.

“After taking the lead in my second stint I had some technical issues and ran off track which put me into second again. I pitted onto fresh Supersofts for my final stint but wasn’t able to make use of the fresh rubber. The damage was slowing me down so much.

“I’m happy to get Melbourne over with. After this it marks the first race where people will vary with the amount of time they use to practice. Time to show the others what we really have up our sleeves.”


Started – 12th
Finished – 17th
Fastest Lap – 1:25.649
Pitstops – One: Lap 1 [Ultra/Ultra], Two: Lap 17 [Ultra/Ultra], Three: Lap 34 [Ultra/Super]

“Going into the race we expected to be a bit down in qualifying because of our wing choice but it was actually pretty close. The car felt competitive. However, I had a really poor qualifying session having to abort two flying laps and putting in a mediocre banker lap.

“I expected difficulties to get through the start unscathed and unfortunately the worst happened. After a long stop for repairs the car balance felt drivable but there was just no pace. I was almost a lap down and tried to continue in hopes of maybe snatching a point or two. Sadly that didn’t quite happen.

“Our strategy also seemed to work well with Jarl showing very good pace. It might have been enough to win in that situation so things are looking promising. There are still some details we can fix and improve on in our testing; then we should be able to stay competitive every race.”

ANDREAS WAUTERS, Edge Esports & Quasar Manager

“Our first race at Melbourne was a bittersweet experience. The drivers came in well prepared. Supported by our Technical Director, Daniel, it was amazing to see their commitment ahead of the race to give it everything they had.

“We were looking forward to see the new Edge Esports machinery in competition for the first time. The Quasar power train also had its maiden race here. I think we can be happy about the competitiveness of our car, power train and the setup package we used. Some great work by the development team on that one.  

“Jarl showed us that our pace is really on point and gives us good prospects for the next few races. It was unfortunate to see Petar having to abort his fast qualifying laps and afterwards getting involved in the first lap incident though. I’m sure he would have been able to show his true potential otherwise and I’m still confident he will do so.

“It’s also very exciting to see the general competitiveness of the field. It’s not just a few teams at the front this year, almost every team genuinely has a shot at this. We surely have our work cut out for us in the coming months!”

Edge Esports Launches 2018 GPVWC Superleague contender

Edge Esports Launches 2018 GPVWC Superleague contender

Today, Edge Esports is proud to launch their 2018 GPVWC.com Superleague contender, the Quasar powered EE01-SLQ. It will be driven by Jarl Teien and Petar Brljak with Niels Brugman as test driver. First outing will be next Thursday during the GPVWC Australian Superleague Grand Prix.

The livery of the car was designed to be in line with the team’s brand image and includes some sharp shapes that characterize Edge Esports. The Blue, white and gold colors are a remnant of the Wauters Automotive color scheme, and will be used on all cars for the team.

The new car can be viewed in the video below.

#WautersAutomotiveOUT #RememberMeForCenturies
#EdgeEsportsIN #HereWeAre #DontTurnAwayNow


Teien continues on top in second test

Teien continues on top in second test

The Wauters driver confirmed his strong early-season form by topping the timesheets in Sepang, even as battering rain affected the session for a number of drivers.

It’s always too early to read any data from pre-season testing, but there must be smiles at Wauters Automotive. For the second time in two weeks, Norwegian star Jarl Teien finished on top of the timesheets, a convincing performance for the Quasar-engined team.

The new engine showed excellent reliability, with Teien completing 118 laps – by far the most of any driver on track as the Belgian team keep adding mileage to their new power units.

Behind the Norwegian, Hawkeye showed strongly with a 2-3-4 placing of Ricardo Costa, Fran Lopez and Mike Kwint, while the first Martex-powered car was Tobias Olsson’s Madcape in fifth. Rait Kilk of EVAL-Valiant was sixth.

Full results of the session here.

Wauters sets early pace in Bahrain

Wauters sets early pace in Bahrain

The Belgian team scored a 1-2 – for the glory, if not points – in the first pre-season test in Sakhir as team came to grips with 2018 machinery… and fickle brakes.
A full complement of 42 drivers, three for each of the 14 Superleague teams, took to the track over the 12 hours of testing. There were no points at stake, but the chance to finally test the 2018 cars in an official environment – and all teams took their chances out in the desert.

Jarl Teien set the fastest time of the day with 1:27.953, 0.445s ahead of teammate Petar Brljak. Fran Lopez on Hawkeye completed the virtual podium – the only other driver within a second of Teien.

Mark Hutchinson gave Flag-to-Flag the distinction of being the best of the debutant teams out of the blocks, while Alex Siebel was the leading driver for reigning constructors’ World Champions ACR Zakspeed.

Most drivers completed around 50 laps, with the exception of the Wauters drivers – potentially testing their Quasar engines on the new manufacturer’s first outing – and a hard-working Eric Stranne, who clocked the highest mileage of the day with 119 laps.

The early test was a good occasion for drivers to acquaint themselves with the cars. While not many pushed their 2018 competitors to the limits on this first day, the session was an occasion to test the various components. In particular, several teams reported issues with overheating brakes – something their engineers and designers will need to address ahead of the second test.

Full results: here.

The next pre-season test will take place in Sepang on February 8th.

Teien and Brljak to spearhead Wauters Automotive Superleague Campaign in 2018

Teien and Brljak to spearhead Wauters Automotive Superleague Campaign in 2018

Wauters Automotive is proud to announce the signing of both Jarl Teien and Petar Brljak for their 2018 Superleague Campaign.

They will be joined by Test driver Niels Brugman for the technical development of the car, and Technical Director Daniel Cziranku who will be making all the right decisions in terms of development path and long term strategy for both the Wauters Automotive machinery and the Quasar QRS-01 powertrain that propels it.

Jarl Teien will return to the team and is looking forward to challenge for the championship this time around after a successful second half of 2017:
“2018 will be a different challenge than last year, last year I was only supposed to step in a few races but ended up doing pretty much rest of the season. After hints of success I see 2018 being quite successful with a different mod and prize money for the first time to boost the morale.”

Petar Brljak is looking forward to lining up alongside the Norwegian and is equally eager to battle for that one top spot:
“It’s exciting to re-enter league competition with a new team after a season’s break. The goal for everyone is running consistently at the front and even though it’s very early days, try to challenge for the championship. For me, it also gives me a chance to challenge myself and sharpen my skills for what might come in the growing world of eSports racing.”

For Technical Director Daniel Cziranku and Team Manager Andreas Wauters, the signing of such a competitive line-up comes as a relief and a sign to push the competitiveness of the Belgian outfit even further:
“When Gergo told us he wanted to focus on tintops in 2018, we of course had to respect and support that decision with full intent, but we had a big job to do to find someone that could fit his shoes in Superleague. We think that with the re-signing of Jarl and the addition of Petar to our squad, we think we’ve done just that, and even more. We will be fully focussed to give these amazing drivers the best car possible during the entire season. 2018 will surely keep us on the edge of our seat!”

In addition to the reveal of their 2018 line-up, the team announced that the sale of their new Quasar QSR-01 engine would start tomorrow.