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Edge Esports and PRINTiX join forces

Since the foundation of Edge Esports, brand image has been of major importance for us and the increasing popularity of offline events within simracing requires brands to be well presented also outside of the World Wide Web.

We are proud to announce that we join forces with PRINTiX to further improve the public presence of the Edge Esports brand. PRINTiX has been a leading Belgian company in digital print for ten years now. From interior or wood printing to banners of all sizes, PRINTiX is able to present everything bigger and better. We look forward to making use of their rich experience and skill set in the future.

During our recent charity event organized by The Mangolia at Outpost Ghent we were already lucky to be supported by one of their masterpieces: Our very own Edge Esports roll-up banner!

Visit PRINTiX:
PRINTiX Website
PRINTiX Facebook